Hi, I'm Elise!

I'm the artist and photographer behind Lusicovi Creative. I am a self proclaimed nerd who loves the sea, the stars, and above all a good story.


     I create beautiful photos of brands, products, and services in Indianapolis.I help medium sized, soulful, product based businesses connect with their audiences and increase sales by creating enchanting product photography that captures the heart of their brand and allows their clients to envision life with their products.  

     I have always been a huge bookworm and natural storyteller. I believe in the power of captivating product photography to tell the story of your brand. And more importantly, I believe in the power of stories

to move, and connect people. 


     I believe that collaboration-when two or more creative souls come together to better express their creative gifts-that, my friends, is where

the true magic happens. 


     So what magic do you want to create? Let me help make your story, your business, your bold beautiful crazy dream into a thing of magical beauty.

     To learn more about me, see examples of my artwork, book cover designs, or other enchanting projects, visit me at www.lusicovicreative.com.


And check out my Instagram below:

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